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Home Appraisal

HOW MUCH IS YOUR SPANISH PROPERTY WORTH? Whether you need to know a market value or ask for a Mortgage we can help you. ENGLISH valuations for SPANISH properties. We guide you throughout the process. Fast and easy process in ENGLISH. Fill in the form and we will contact you within 24 hours so you can find out the value of your SPANISH property.

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Servicio de Tasación y Valoración de Viviendas


How do we know the appraised value of a home?

We do a reliable online appraisal because we know how important it is for you to know quickly and accurately the real value of a property. Our team of official appraisers will accompany you throughout the appraisal process and will answer your questions before, during and after the process. 


Appraiser approved by the Bank of Spain. Our Certificates are valid for all Financial Institutions and Public Organizations.

Servicio de Tasación y Valoración online de Viviendas


Do you need to know the value of your home to apply for a mortgage? 

Trust our team to know the real value of a property on the market. For us, the most important thing is your satisfaction and that is why we value the things that matter most to you: our doors are always open for you.

Servicio de Tasación y Valoración de Viviendas


Do you want to request your appraisal in 1 minute?

If you want to request an official appraisal and pay for it instantly, we have at your disposal an automated form. There you can tell us about the property data and any aditional information you want us to know and in return we will tell you the final cost of the appraisal. If you are in agreement and want to order the appraisal you can pay for it with a credit card.


We solve all your doubts about appraisal of flats and real estate online

Can I consider it an official home appraisal?
Of course yes! Our appraisals are official, because Valmesa is an appraisal company approved by the Bank of Spain.

And what is an official appraisal? Well, it is a report issued by an approved appraisal company certifying the market value of a property that you can use with full validity for many purposes.

The appraisal of a home for mortgage purposes is mandatory when you request a loan from the bank to buy it, as established in Law 5/2019, of March 15, regulating real estate credit contracts. The value that is collected in the appraisal is used by the bank when evaluating the amount of the mortgage loan, and this is very important when you are going to request that loan for your new house.

Do you also know when it is very useful to have an official appraisal? Buying and selling processes so that the buyer and the seller have the best information when making their decisions. And it is the same in inheritance deals, estates, marital separations, business operations, and many other cases in which we need to be very well informed to make the best decisions.

To make an appraisal, an approved appraiser, who is a duly titled architect or surveyor, will visit the property and carry out a technical inspection, make a plan of the house, take the appropriate photographs and check its condition and quality. Then, it will review the registry and cadastral documentation to see if the square meters match their measurements, and will make the necessary urban planning checks. All this is processed with our databases and market analysis, and ends up being completed in the appraisal report.
What does it take to commission the appraisal of a home?
Nothing simpler: contact Valmesa, either through this website, or through our telephone customer service and we take care of almost everything. The only thing you will have to provide us with is basic and necessary documentation: a simple registry note of the home, or the deed of it, and its cadastral data. With all this, and after preparing the best possible budget, and its acceptance, an approved appraiser will arrange with the contact person the visit to the property to carry out the technical inspection and data verification.

Different parameters are used to know the appraised value of a home: age, type of home, square meters, distribution, quality of construction materials, state of conservation and the location and services in the area, are what most influence in the final value of the house together with the prices of the sale offers that exist in the area.
How long will it take to have the appraisal?
Less than 7 days. This is usually the average time to complete the process of preparing a home appraisal, and it goes from receiving all the necessary documentation, to the appraiser's visit, preparing the report, and reviewing their quality by a supervisor who will certify the same. The last thing is to sign it electronically and send it to the requesting client or bank by email.

Payment of the appraisal is usually borne by your applicant (the appraisal itself, or the loan), except in the cases of some banks that take over the amount of the appraisal on certain occasions.

The formal validity of these appraisals is 6 months from the time they are issued.

And as to where official appraisals can be validly used, having been carried out by an appraisal company approved by the Bank of Spain, and given its obligation for mortgage operations set forth in the law, anyone has the right to present it at any bank or financial institution to apply for a mortgage loan. In cases where the appraisal is requested by the bank itself, it will be the bank that chooses the appraiser.

For greater security, Valmesa has among its client portfolio the main banks and financial institutions in Spain. If you have any questions about whether we work with your bank, contact us.