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Valuation for the coverage of business losses

Whether you are an insurance company or worried about what might happen to your business, we carry out a quick and reliable assessment of the losses caused by the COVID-19.

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Valuation to cover business losses

If you are concerned about coverage for loss of profits, also called loss of earnings or business interruption, the insurance company will need to know the value of the capital to be covered through an expert valuation.

It means anticipating the possibility of unforeseen contingencies in multiple areas, covering the loss of economic performance due to a temporary interruption, total or partial, of the activity carried out by our business.



What can you use it for and who can be interested in it?

You can use it for:

  • To propose to your company a valuation according to the purpose of the amount to be insured in case of discrepancy with it
  • Provide the insurance company with a valuation now that the difficulty of finding suitable experts for property valuation is more complex
  • Develop contingency plans

It might interest you to:

  • Businesses in general that see or may see their activity interrupted  
  • Shops
  • Insurance companies