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Valuation of hotelier’s exploitations

Due to the paralysis of the hotel activity, we value hotels or the complete management of the business so that you make the best possible decision.

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Valoración de explotaciones hoteleras


Valuation of hotelier’s exploitations 

Whether you are an investor or hotel manager, we can help you:

  • In the case of the investor, we value the real estate asset considered exclusively the value of the property, furniture and hotel equipment, as a counterpart, the value calculated by the resulting update benefited by the effect of the amortizations affected by the real estate investment.

  • In the case of the hotel manager, we take into account the cash flows from operations of the hotel activity. This implies the computation of costs for the use of the property that supports the hotel business, and the impossibility of deducting amortizations for the real estate investment, given that it belongs to third parties.
Valoración de explotaciones hoteleras


What can it do for you and who may be interested?

It can be used to:

  • Facilitate sales operations
  • Provide consulting service to management companies that want to know the key points of the business
  • Obtaining financing

It may interest you to:

  • Hotel Groups
  • Tourism companies 
  • Property developers
  • Individuals
  • Family office
  • Servers