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Interior visits with 360º virtual tours

Allow your clients to visit your properties, hotels or businesses virtually from anywhere as if you were physically there

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Visite inmuebles con Recorridos Virtuales


360º virtual tours

A 360º Virtual Tour consists of showing a real space interactively and allows you to visit a space as if you were physically visiting it. Therefore, your clients will be able to visit your properties with total freedom of movement from any place and at any time. In addition, you can show them relevant information within the 360º environment through videos, images or explanatory texts.

Visite inmuebles con Recorridos Virtuales


What can you use it for and who can be interested in it?

You can use it for:

  • Allow your clients to visit the properties without having to travel and from any place (perfect for the current situation)
  • Facilitate the rental of offices, tourist apartments or any other type of property
  • In the case of hotels, to show your clients the hotel facilities and the different types of rooms where they could stay
  • Knowing the real state and qualities of a real estate product
  • Enhance your brand by showing your properties in a more interactive, innovative and attractive way for the client

It may interest you to: 

  • Hotel Groups 
  • Socimis (Listed Investment Companies in the Real Estate Market)
  • Real estate
  • Property developers 
  • Individuals 
  • Family office
  • Servicers

View an example of 360 Tour