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Project Monitoring

Transparency, clarity and rigor throughout the entire process of a real estate development.

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Project Monitoring



This service allows you to monitor the evolution of a real estate development to see if it develops as planned. The purpose is to anticipate and detect risk situations in advance so that the appropriate corrective measures can be taken and also verify the certifications and credit provisions to verify that the money goes to the correct recipient and is not used for any other purpose. For this, we carry out a rigorous control of all the phases of the project: viability, study and project, execution of the works, legalization of the promotion and achievement of all permits.

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What can it be used for and who can be interested in it?

It can be used to:

  • Know where the money from a real estate investment is being used
  • Detect deviations of costs and deadlines from the project
  • Control the evolution of the construction building site 
  • Anticipate common problems on building site to take corrective action
  • Have all the ordered and classified documentation

It may interest you to:

  • Financial entities
  • Investors
  • Property and real estate developers 

Do you need to control a project or Project Monitoring?

Our team will help you to control the activities of the work of your real estate project. Our goal is to provide you with the monitoring and control process that you really need. We will be at your disposal to offer you our service.


Does your bank ask you for Project Monitoring?

Our project control service is demanded by numerous banks and financial entities, during the different stages of project control we provide information on the follow-up and monitoring of real estate development.