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Locate your home and we will value it for you on WhatsApp.

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We send the valuation to your WhatsApp

BALIÚ gives you an instant statistical approximation of the appraised value of your property..


Select a property using the search engine or indicating the Cadastral Reference, our computer algorithm will make a quick calculation that we will send to your phone by WhatsApp.


Valmesa does not guarantee the correlation of the value obtained by Baliú with the value calculated in an official valuation report. Therefore, if an official valuation report is requested, the market value or mortgage value of the property may vary from the value obtained by Baliú.


The value provided by Baliú will have no effect on the official valuation reports that Valmesa may subsequently carry out on the property itself.


The value obtained by Baliú cannot be used for mortgage purposes, as this requires an official real estate appraisal to be carried out in compliance with ECO 805/2003.



All the information on your mobile phone

Once we validate your mobile phone number, we will send to your WhatsApp an approximate value forecast, calculated by a statistical algorithm.


In this message you will also find our contact details in case you have any doubts and a link to request the official valuation from your mobile.


You don't need to reply to the message, it's sent by a machine ;)


We solve all your doubts about online value estimation

How long will it take to get the estimate?
In less than 3 minutes! This is the average time to complete the process of entering your details and sending you the result.
Can I request any type of property?
At the moment, it is only configured for all types of properties: flats, bungalows, semi-detached houses, detached houses and villas.
Can I consider this online valuation as an official valuation?
No. The online value forecast will help you to have an approximate orientation of the value of your property in an agile and quick way, always unlinked to any mortgage appraisal that may be carried out later, and for this reason, we have selected Baliú, a company specialized in the analysis of real estate data, to offer this service independently.

The official valuation is a report carried out by approved valuation companies such as ours, which certifies the market value of a property and can be used with full validity for many purposes

To carry out an appraisal, an approved appraiser, who is a duly qualified architect or quantity surveyor, will visit the property and carry out a technical inspection, draw up a plan of the property, take the appropriate photographs and check the condition and quality of the property. He will then check the registry and cadastral documentation to see if the square meters coincide with your measurements, and will make the necessary town planning checks. All this is processed with our databases and market analysis, and is completed in the appraisal report.