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Appraisal of Light Aircrafts

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Aircraft Assessment

We value your dreams

To make sure of the market value of your plane, light aircraft or other aircraft, you must have a report detailing each of its characteristics. For many, having the ability to own air travel is a dream, and you have made it come true. At Valmesa we are aware of the importance of your aircraft so that is why we work with you answering all your questions. You will witness everything we do for you!



We value the little details

There are many details that must be studied to add value to your aircraft. For this reason, all our Aeronautical Engineers accurately evaluate each part of your aircraft. Do not forget that this is a team effort, if you change any part, you must notify us, as it may impact the appraisal price. Our main objective is to make everything quicker and easier for you!

We answer frequently questions about Aircraft Appraisal.

Why do I have to value my plane?

Remember that whenever you have high value it is recommended to carry out an appraisal, this way you will avoid future problems. The reasons why an aircraft valuation is required are as follows: 

  • Buy and sell Purchase 
  • Financing
  • Lease-back
  • Insurance claim
What types of aircraft do you rate?
At Valmesa we value any air transportation, such as: planes, helicopters, light aircraft, balloons, drones and airships. 
How do I receive the appraisal that you prepare to know the value of the goods? 
From the Client Area of our website you can make a complete follow-up of the entire appraisal process. You will know in what state your appraisal is at all times and, once the process is finished, you will be able to download a PDF file from your Client Area that will serve to officially certify the good that we have appraised for you.
Can I request an appraisal directly from a valuation company without a bank?
Of course. The appraisal companies provide services, without distinction, to financial entities, companies and individuals.