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Energy certificate

At Valmesa we ensure that through an agile and fast process you obtain the energy efficiency certificate.

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At Valmesa, we ensure that, through an agile and fast process, you obtain the Energy Efficiency label in order to register the Energy Efficiency Certificate. We know how important it is for you to obtain the energy certificate, that's why our team will work with you and solve all your doubts that arise during the process.



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The Energy Efficiency Certificate is a compulsory proof that the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism needs for the houses that are going to be rented or bought. At Valmesa we prepare the energy certificate for housing and energy efficiency in buildings so that you do not have to worry about anything and are calm throughout the process.

We answer your questions about the energy certificate

What is the Energy Efficiency Certificate?
The Energy Efficiency Certificate, also known as the Energy Certificate, is a mandatory document that requires European legislation and must be drafted by an accredited technician in the field. This certificate, which includes information on the energy characteristics of a property, is necessary when the property is to be transferred and is used to assign an energy label.
Who must obtain the energy efficiency certificate and show the label?
The person who is responsible for obtaining the Energy Efficiency Certificate and showing the label is the developer or owner of the property, so he is also the one who has the right to use the label.
How long do you take to issue my Energy Efficiency Certificate?
We are aware of how important it is for you to obtain the Energy Efficiency Certificate quickly. At Valmesa we work quickly and efficiently so that you have it in the shortest possible time. Our appraiser will quickly go to the house to check its characteristics and issue the Energy Efficiency Certificate.
Does the Energy Certificate expire?
 The Energy Certificate is valid for 10 years. After that time, the owner will have to obtain the energy certificate label again.
Do business premises need an Energy Certificate?
Yes, commercial premises also need the energy performance certificate. The buildings that do not need the certificate are those considered as places of worship, those protected for being historical or being in a special environment, provisional buildings, industrial buildings, buildings that are less than 50 square meters, those that are purchased to make major renovation or demolition and buildings that are used for less than 4 months a year.