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Appraisal of Hotel

Complete this brief information and we will contact you. It will take less than 1 minute!



We value what matters

The Valmesa team will work with you to prepare the appraisal of your hotel. We value what is most important and that is why we accompany you throughout the process, so that at all times you know how we are proceeding. Our door is always open for you, so you can call our technicians whenever you want, who will answer your questions before, during and after the appraisal.



We value your time

At Valmesa we are specialists in evaluating hotels. We know that it is very important for you to receive the appraisal quickly, so, once you contact us, our team will get to work in the shortest possible time to issue, through a fast and agile process, the expert document that accredits the real and official value of your hotel.

We solve all your doubts about valuation and appraisal of hotels

Is the hotel valuation you issue official?
We are one of the leading appraisal companies, we have more than 30 years of experience and we have made more than 2,000,000 appraisals. We have a team prepared and accredited to make official appraisals of hotels. Therefore, yes, our hotel valuations are totally official and certify the real value of the property.
Who performs the appraisal?
 At Valmesa we have a multidisciplinary team that will be in charge of all hotel evaluations. You do not have to worry about anything; our team will work with you and answer any questions you have
How long will it take to have the official appraisal of my hotel?
We value your time and your tranquility, that's why we get to work quickly and prepare your appraisal through a very agile and efficient process that will determine the real and official value of the hotel that you want us to value. We work with you throughout the appraisal process and issue the expert document in the shortest possible time.
How do I receive the valuation of my hotel?
On our website we have a special space for you, from personalized access to your Client Area; so you can check the status of your appraisal. You will be able to check the documents necessary to carry out the valuation upload the missing ones and see what phase the appraisal is in. Once completed, you can download the expert document that proves the real value of the hotel that we have appraised in a PDF file.