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Machinery appraisal

Machinery appraisal has highly prestigious specialists ....

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We value your time

If you need to know the real value of industrial machinery, at Valmesa we do the valuation for you through an agile, simple and effective service. Whatever type of machinery (including vehicles, such as agricultural tractor appraisals) you need to appraise, at Valmesa we officially accredit its real value.



We value your peace of mind

What we value most at Valmesa is your peace of mind, which is why our team will answer all the questions you may have before, during and after the appraisal service. We work together with you so that you are aware of the whole process of appraisal of machinery and industrial vehicles.

We solve your doubts about machinery appraisal

Can I consider it an official appraisal?
Of course we prepare official appraisals! The professionals we have at Valmesa are prepared and accredited to prepare expert documents that serve to assign a real value to the machinery or industrial vehicles that you need to have appraised. Therefore, yes, the appraisal of industrial machinery that we do at Valmesa is official and serves to accredit the value of the asset.
What aspects do you take into account when valuing machinery?
At Valmesa we carry out a professional and rigorous valuation taking into account the conditions in which the machinery is found, its year of purchase, whether the respective maintenance checks have been carried out and the use that has been made of it. Our experts will assign the value of the machinery itself and the cost of its installation.
What can a valuation help me?
Knowing the official value of the industrial machinery you own is very useful in various cases. In addition, it is a reliable and rigorous guarantee in the case of buying and selling. Our expert report with the result of the appraisal will also help you to: Guarantee or mortgage guarantee of credits or loans, so you would not need to present a real estate as a guarantee. Make an accurate balance of the property owned and have internal stock control. You can know exactly the value of your company's assets. Endorsement before the Tax Agency. The valuation of personal property is very useful as advice in buying and selling.
How do I receive my industrial machinery appraisal?
We will send it to you by email in a PDF file that will reflect the real and official value of the machinery that we have appraised for you.