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Valuation of lands and rustic lands

The appraisal of land and rustic properties has a great impact on your future business operations, that's why our team of professionals will work to offer you a quick and complete appraisal.

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We value your satisfaction

We prepare a rustic property appraisal so that you know the cadastral value of the land that you want us to value for you. We work to value what matters most to you, that's why our rustic ground appraisals are fast, rigorous and reliable, so you are calm and satisfied throughout the process. At Valmesa we work with you, our professionals will accompany you throughout the appraisal of rustic property to solve all the doubts that arise and you will know firsthand the work we are doing.



We value your peace of mind

At Valmesa we have been working with our clients for more than 30 years, valuing the most important thing. We work so that, through a very simple process, you know the price of your rustic land quickly and efficiently. We value your tranquillity, that's why trust us to know the cadastral value of a rustic property and we will be with you before, during and after the process, to solve all the doubts that arise.

We solve all your doubts about the valuation of rustic land

Do you do an official appraisal of rustic land?
Of course we do an appraisal of rustic property or official rustic land! Our team, made up of accredited and trained professionals, prepare an expert document that determines the value of the land. So yes, our rustic ground appraisals are completely official.
How to know the cadastral reference of a rustic land?
The cadastral reference of a rustic land is an official identifier that all real estate has. It is a code that serves to give the terrain a single reference that allows it to be located exactly. It can be known in different ways:
- Through the Electronic Office of the Cadastre.
- You can see it on the last receipt of the payment of the Real Estate Tax (IBI).
- Through a certificate issued by the City Council.
- In public deeds.
How long do you take to prepare the appraisal of the rustic land?
We value that you always feel safe and calm, that's why our rigorous, simple and effective process. When you contact us and request an online appraisal, our professionals will contact you after 24 to 48 hours. It will be when our team visits the rustic land and begins with the appraisal, which will take approximately 5 to 8 days.
How do I receive the official appraisal of my rustic land?
In a very practical format: we will send you by email a PDF file with the official appraisal of your rustic land and ... everything ready!