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Welcome to Valmesa


The valuation company Valoraciones del Mediterráneo S.A. (Valmesa) is one of the largest Property and Asset Valuation companies in Spain. Our aim is to provide maximum satisfaction, meeting the needs and expectations of our clients.

The services offered by Valmesa cover, within the field of property valuation, everything concerning the valuation of commercial premises, buildings, building sites, estates, offices and factory premises. In the field of asset valuation, our services include leasehold valuation, valuation of factory plant, valuation of ships, and of small building properties, among others.

Chica de negocios

Our experience in the field of Property and Asset Valuation

100% of our 110,000 property and asset valuations is subjected to a personal control by one of our supervisors because we believe that there is no computer system capable of appraising each case individually to judge whether the property or asset valuation has been carried out correctly, in accordance with the different objective parameters that should be borne in mind when making any valuation. We believe that a personal appraisal of each case is the only way of ensuring a valid valuation..

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Customer Attention

By phone: +34 96 681 36 79
e-mail: atencion.cliente@valmesa.es
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Address: Edificio VALMESA, Urbanización Barrina Norte, 36 - 03502 Benidorm (Spain)

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Our branch network

Valmesa currently has 23 branches throughout Spain, which allows us to provide a service that is fast, affordable and adapted to the characteristics of each geographical area.

See the map of our branches.

Documentation Centre

Here we offer you information and material concerning property and asset valuation (studies, legislation, statistics, bibliography).

See documents (only in Spanish)

Central Services in Alicante

Edificio VALMESA, Urbanización Barrina Norte, 36
03502 Benidorm (Spain)
Tel. +34 966 830 055

Central Services in Madrid

C/. Velazquez, 3, Bajo
28001 MADRID (Spain)
Tel. +34 914 260 743

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Officially recognised by the Banco de España, registered as a Valuation Company, number 4,350, date 31/10/1988