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Welcome to Valmesa

Valmesa’s International Department

For all our International Clients, Valmesa offers a personalized service according to their needs for any type of valuation or appraisal.

Our International Department is one of the most relevant areas of Valmesa, we offer multiple advantages to all our foreign clients, providing a service that gives the necessary confidence for all those transactions carried out in Spain.

We will assist all your requirements in English and French, providing support throughout the valuation process as well as a total adaptability to the client’s needs.

Through the International Department, our services can be requested for properties in any part of the Spanish Territory and for all kinds of properties: dwellings, garages, projects, rustic plots, valuation of companies, businesses, environmental projects, art, valuations for legal purposes, etc.

Our purpose is that our clients correctly understand all the valuation process together with a personalized attention they will receive from the first contact with our International Team.

Atenció al client

You can request further information in:

Email address:     international@valmesa.es
Telephone:            0034 - 96 586 37 00
Fax:                         0034 - 96 599 06 12

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