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General information

Valoraciones Mediterráneo - Valmesa, our origins

"20 years working in this field, Valmesa can guarantee the highest level of professionalism"

Our Company was founded in 1988, thanks to the efforts of a group of partners with demonstrable track records in the sector and with a background of experience in other valuation companies.

Once the first stage of the company's development had been achieved, an agreement was reached with an investment group in Alicante, which acquired the shares of one of the founding partners. As a consequence of this, the company changed its name to VALORACIONES MEDITERRÁNEO, S.A.

From the beginning of 1996, we began to use the acronym VALMESA to familiarize our branches with this name, with a view to applying to the Mercantile Register for the name to be officially changed.

Once the corresponding certificates had been granted by the Central Mercantile Register, in their Registered Names Section, we applied for the corresponding TRADEMARK for the name VALMESA, which, together with the company logo, was granted and published in the Boletín Oficial de la Propiedad Industrial (Official Bulletin of Industrial Property) on May 1st 1997.

Download: Spanish Patent and Trademark Office Document

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Officially recognised by the Banco de España, registered as a Valuation Company, number 4,350, date 31/10/1988