Art Appraisals

At Valmesa we know how to value art. We prepare an appraisal report of works of art so that you know the official appraisal value. The appraisal will help you for the purposes of inheritance distribution, insurance, advice on purchase and sale operations, donations in payment of taxes, appraisals, mortgage guarantees, payment of debts, etc.

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What do we consider a artwork to be valued?

At Valmesa we can offer you an appraisal of the official value of any artistic manifestation:

  • Paintings
  • Sculptures
  • Photographs
  • Furniture
  • Antiques
  • Books
  • Coins
  • Comics

Our team of appraisers, experts in art, will ensure that, through a fast and agile process, you can resolve any doubts you may have about your collection, inheritance, donation, etc.



Why is it useful to have an appraisal of an artwork?

  • Insuring pieces, lots or collections
  • Advice on purchase and sale transactions
  • Claims for damage, theft or fraud in expert appraisals
  • Cataloguing and inventories
  • Distribution of assets in inheritances or separations
  • Management of inventories for private individuals or private or public institutions
  • Obtaining certificates of authenticity; in applying for mortgages or guarantees
  • Making donations to institutions, museums or as payment of taxes
  • Accounting reconciliations for financial purposes.

In order to develop our art appraisal report you must provide us with: the author; material and/or technique; measurements; age; quality photographs and certificate of authenticity.


It is essential to provide all the required data to carry out the valuation study of the work of art.

We solve all your doubts about artworks appraisals

Is this an official valuation of works of art?

Of course, we do an official appraisal of works of art! Our team, composed of accredited and trained professionals, prepares a complete report that determines the market value of the artwork. So, yes, our art appraisals are completely official.

What does it take to have a work of art appraised?

Very simple, first of all, contact Valmesa, either through this website or through our customer service telephone line, and we will take care of almost everything. The only thing you will have to provide us with is the basic and necessary information: the authorship of the work; material and technique if necessary; measurements; age; quality photographs and certificate of authenticity, if you have it.

With all this, and once the estimate has been drawn up and accepted, the appraisal will be carried out based on the information provided.

It is essential to provide all the required data in order to carry out the valuation study of the work of art.

How is the value of a work of art calculated?

In order to know the appraisal value of a work of art, different parameters are used: author, age, size, state of conservation, typology, quality... which are those that most influence the final value of the work, together with the prices of the offers for sale that exist in the art market.