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Garage or Storage Room Appraisal

At Valmesa we value what is important to you. That is why we carry out the appraisal of your garage or storage room in an agile and very professional way.

Complete this brief information and we will contact you. It will take less than 1 minute!



We value what is important to you

We make a valuation report of your garage or storage room so that you know its value. We work to value what is most important to you. The valuation of garages or storage rooms that we do in Valmesa are quick and very professional, so you will be aware of the value throughout the valuation. At Valmesa we like to do the whole process by your side, our specialists will accompany you to answer all the questions you may have and get to know the work we are doing.



We value working with you

If you have a garage or storage room, we'll appraise that for you too. During our experience of more than 30 years we have always worked side by side with our customers. The process to make the valuation of a garage or storage room is very simple, fast and efficient. We want you to feel safe and calm, so trust us to know how much your garage or storage room is worth. We will be with you before, during and after the process, to solve all the doubts you may have.

We answer your questions about valuation of garage or storage room

Is your appraisal of garages or storage room official?
Yes, our garage and storage appraisals are official! We have a highly trained team, made up of well-trained and accredited professionals. Our experts prepare an expert document with the appraisal for you. So the answer is yes, the appraisals of garages and storage rooms that we do are completely official.
How much is my garage or storage room worth?
If you need to know the value of your garage or storage room, contact us and we will prepare for you a detailed and exhaustive valuation report that will determine the real value of the garage and storage room that you want us to collect.
How long will it take to have the appraisal of the garage and storage room?
We want you to be calm and safe throughout the evaluation, so we do a rigorous job and always inform you of everything. Once you request the appraisal, our technicians will contact you between 24 and 48 hours later. When our team has the documents and knows the garage or storage room, the appraisal will begin, which will take approximately 5 to 8 days.
How do I receive the appraisal from my Garage or Storage Room?
You will receive the appraisal in the most practical way possible: we will send to your email a PDF file with the official appraisal.