Learn how to increase the value of an efficient home

Ask for your Sustainable Appraisal, find out how much its value increases and reduce its energy consumption.

With the Sustainable Appraisal report you can find out how much, how and why the value of your home increases because by improving the energy efficiency of your home you will be increasing its value, you will know how to reduce energy costs by transforming the home into a more efficient home and You will guarantee a more sustainable coexistence in your Community, reducing the environmental impact left by the carbon footprint of your property.

What is a sustainable appraisal?

Until now, a property appraisal report reflected the current value of a home and was a requirement to request a loan or know its market value. At Valmesa we have developed the Sustainable Appraisal that also allows you to calculate how much you can increase the value of your house if you transform it into an efficient home.

To estimate the new value of TASOS, an official appraisal* is carried out that reflects the current value of the home and an energy certification where various improvements applicable to the property are studied.

  • At Valmesa, we are approved by the Bank of Spain. Registration number: 4350

It's all advantages...


Rate your home, to find out its official value and its energy certification.


Know how much its value will increase and carry out the recommended reforms.


Improve your energy rating and save on energy consumption.

This document certifies the financing of a sustainable property with the support of an appraisal company approved by the Bank of Spain.

What does the Sustainable Appraisal report include?


The increase in the estimated value of your home once the improvements have been made.


The estimated calculation of energy savings, during the next 15 years of your home.


Your official appraisal, carried out by a qualified Valmesa technician.


The energy certification of your home, at the time of the appraisal.



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    1. Contact Valmesa Consulting and request your TASOS report.
    2. You will receive a personalized quote for your sustainable appraisal.
    3. Once the budget is approved, a qualified technician will visit your home, where he or she will be able to carry out the calculations to estimate the value of your home and its current energy rating.
    4. In a few days, you will receive, from Valmesa Consulting, your Sustainable Appraisal Report that will include: the official appraisal + the energy rating of your home + a sustainability report with the recommendations to transform your home efficiently and save on your electricity consumption. energy + new estimated value of your most efficient home.

    With the Valmesa Sustainable Appraisal you will know the appraised value of your home before carrying out all the reforms recommended in the sustainability report, and we will also provide you with the estimated value that your home will reach once the reforms have been carried out to turn it into a more efficient home.


    At Valmesa we estimate the increase in the value of the home after an energy renovation based on several factors: the investment made, the savings that we will achieve with that investment during the useful life of the improvement, the type of home, the visibility of the measure adopted in terms of aesthetic improvement that it can provide and the local market where the property is located. For all these reasons, the increase in the value of the home will depend not only on the improvement made, but also on the characteristics of the valued home and its location.


    It is not a fixed percentage, nor an increase associated with the cost of the reform; To obtain a reliable result, we carry out an in-depth study of the improvement and of the home itself to obtain the new value.

    Valmesa's Sustainable Appraisal allows you to increase the value of your home and reduce energy consumption costs.

    • If you want to increase the value of your home, TASOS is for you.
    • If you are thinking of selling your house and want to achieve maximum profitability, TASOS is for you.
    • If you own a home and want to save on energy consumption, TASOS is for you.
    • If you have just purchased a home and are going to reform it, TASOS is for you.
    • If you are a real estate investor, TASOS is for you.