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      We are Valmesa

      We are an organization with a clear purpose:

      Lead the appraisal sector, transforming the way we relate to those who really matter, people. 

      That commitment is what unites all of us who are part of the company and has allowed us to get where we are today.

      Valmesa is the result of the initiative, illusions, and work of a group of entrepreneurs, who in 1988 came together to form an appraisal company. 35 years later, what was born as that appraisal and appraisal company, is today a large Real Estate Technical Consultancy that diversifies its products between real estate appraisals, real estate consultancy services, sustainability consultancy, and a very powerful technological division of data analysis, especially linked to the real estate sector.

      Valmesa is a company from Alicante, whose headquarters are in Benidorm, and with a presence throughout Spain, through 15 delegations operating throughout the national territory.

      What key factors stand out in Valmesa?




      Our values ​​are what identify and define us. Values ​​typical of a family business that, without losing its roots and essence of closeness, has known how to professionalize itself to know where it is going and what is the best way to achieve its goals and dreams. Professionalism, perseverance, and people. A team, not only of great professionals, but of great people, who know that to achieve their goals they must work without giving up.

      "At Valmesa we are committed to what really matters, people."

      In recent years, Valmesa has managed to face its greatest challenge: adapting to the constant change that we must live in a society that is increasingly digitally connected and subject to constant evolution. A challenge that we have overcome thanks to the incorporation of technology into all our production processes and the human and professional quality of our teams.

      The acceptance and accompaniment of change, together with the values ​​of work, humility, and perseverance, are our recipe for success.

      Our present and future go through a firm belief in sustainability and energy efficiency as the engine of change in companies and the world in general. A change accentuated by the economic and social situation we are experiencing, and which will mark the competitive advantage among those companies that, like Valmesa, have internalized in their DNA the commitment to the environment, social responsibility and to help create a better world.

      This is how we believe; this is how we are, and this is how we act.


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