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      Property appraisal


      What is a tangible good?

      A tangible good is everything that is observable, and we can perceive through the senses. For that reason, there are guarantees for the purchase of a tangible good and its value can be calculated.

      At Valmesa we carry out appraisals of tangible assets such as:

      • Vehicles (private and company)
      • Industrial machinery
      • Business furniture
      • Aircraft
      • Boats (Professional and recreational)

      How is an aircraft priced? How is a boat priced? What aspects are considered to appraise the machinery? Discover it here.




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          Why do you need an official appraisal of a tangible asset?

          Tangible assets tend to depreciate with use and therefore their original value may vary during their useful life. To know the value of tangible assets in purchase and sale operations, guarantee for financing before banking entities, valuation for fiscal and tax purposes, insurance claims, valuation for disputes of family inheritances or preparation of wills and in arbitration / bankruptcy proceedings. It will be necessary to request an official appraisal to determine the value of the property.

          To carry out the appraisal report, it is necessary for a technician to visit and assess the tangible asset. The purpose of this visit is to corroborate the state of the property, carry out, when appropriate, the drawing of plans and the photographic report that will determine the value of the property.

          What makes Valmesa different?

          34 years doing appraisals give us enough experience to become one of the leading appraisers in the sector. We are approved by the Bank of Spain, and you can present your appraisal to all financial entities and Public Bodies.

          In the past year we became the official appraiser that grew the most in the market (31.8% compared to 14% on average) So we will be doing something right.

          At Valmesa we are committed to helping you throughout the process, making our personalized attention service available to you through all our channels to speed up the process, so that you are always informed and can quickly have your official appraisal for tax returns. tangible goods.


          How is an aircraft priced?

          For many, having the ability to own an air transport is a dream, and you have made it a reality. To ensure the market value of your plane, small plane, or other aircraft, you must have a report detailing each of its characteristics. There are many details that must be studied to add value to your aircraft. For this reason, all our Aeronautical Engineers accurately evaluate each part of your aircraft. Do not forget that this is a team effort, if you change any part, you must notify us, as it may impact the appraisal price. Our main goal is to make everything faster and easier for you!

          At Valmesa we assess any air transport, such as: airplanes, helicopters, small planes, balloons, drones, and airships.

          How is a boat priced?

          To make the valuation of boats we consider the price for which it was registered and the date. The price will vary according to the number of owners it has had, if the maintenance has been done properly, if the reforms have been applied or if there have been improvements in the boat. Of course, the technical aspects, equipment, condition, length, and number of passengers will also influence. In addition, it will also depend on current market values.


          The benefits of appraising a boat are enormous. At Valmesa we carry out an official appraisal that will determine the real and official value of any type of boat, which will help you to:


          • Guarantee if you need the granting of a loan.
          • In the case of the sale, it will serve as an expert opinion for advice.
          • Payment deferrals.
          • It will also serve you for procedures before the Treasury.
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