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      Construction works and real estate promotions are highly complex issues and require detailed control, analysis, monitoring and study to achieve objectives without economic deviations and execution deadlines.

      Monitoring offers advice and reports on the risks of a real estate development in its development phase. This source of information is based on an independent and impartial analysis of both the progress of the promotion work and before starting construction.

      What does Valmesa Project Monitoring consist of?

      It is a monitoring that is carried out before and during the execution process of new projects that involve construction and/or rehabilitation works, carrying out an exhaustive control depending on the type of project, and therefore, adapting the service to the conditions and scenarios of the analyzed asset.

      Our technicians carry out supervisory work throughout the process, reporting in their reports any deviations in financing, in execution times or in the execution of the work itself.

      What value does it bring to the customer?

      Control and documentary supervision of the work
      Control of deadlines
      Cost control
      Payment control

      Phases that make up a Project Monitoring

      Our Project Monitoring is made up of three phases or stages of project control:


      Initial report

      It is focused on the project phase before starting the work, a preliminary audit that analyzes the feasibility of the project from a technical and financial point of view.

      • Follow-up of licenses
      • Control over the Master Plan
      • Sales monitoring
      • Project Audit
      • Follow-up of the acquisition of the site


      Construction phase

      Periodic reports focused on the execution phase, in this sense we establish a standard and a minimum level of control.

      • Periodic site visits
      • Review of work certifications• Payment verification
      • Follow-up of contracts
      • Audit of project modifications
      • Monitoring of OCT reports


      Final phase

      A final report will be made where the finished work will be compiled and analyzed. 

      • Verify that it conforms to the qualities of the project.
      • Validation of the costs, income, and final expenses of the work
      • Monitoring of the payment of fees, etc.
      • Monitoring of registration of supplies and connections.
      • DON and DH verification


      We will be happy to help you in monitoring your project.

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        Where do we develop Project Monitoring?

        To carry out the Project Monitoring in Valmesa we have an extensive network of technicians for the local monitoring of the promotion works, which allows it to work throughout the Spanish territory. In addition, we have a central drafting and supervision team located in Benidorm (Alicante) made up of architects and technical architects who coordinate all the work.

        Control Levels

        There are two types of control levels that can be implemented for each project.

        1. In the standard control, a monthly visit and the issuance of a monthly report will be carried out.
        2. At the minimum level of control, only recommended for minor developments, a visit will be made every two months and a report will be issued after each visit.