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        The real estate market in Spain represents an attractive potential for many foreign citizens who wish to enjoy the lifestyle and climatic conditions that we have in the Iberian Peninsula and its islands.

        If you are thinking of buying a home in Spain and require financing from a bank, you will need to request an appraisal by an approved appraiser.

        Our Residential team has extensive experience offering comprehensive advice when buying or selling a property nationwide. It is made up of professional experts specialized in housing marketing, as well as in the management and sale of bank developments.

        We know how important it has been for you to make the decision to purchase your home, we want you to trust Valmesa and to facilitate the process we offer you, for our 35th anniversary…

        Up to 25% discount for contracting your appraisal online.

        The success of our advice is governed by the efficient achievement of 3 key variables: Price, term and post-sale management.

        How to know the appraised value of a home

        Our team of advisers will accompany you throughout the appraisal process and will answer your questions before, during and after the process.

        We are an Appraiser approved by the Bank of Spain. Our Certificates are valid for all Financial Entities and Public Organizations. Registration number 4350.

        Our valuations follow the RICS standards (and ECO mortgage).

        Valmesa está homologado por el banco de España

        “We make all our experience, knowledge and innovation available to the client so that the product obtains maximum profitability.”

        Know the value of yor home

        You only must provide us with the details of the property, indicate its particularities and formalize the payment.


        We resolve all doubts about appraisal of residential homes

        What is an official appraisal?

        It is a report issued by an approved appraisal company certifying the market value of a property that you can use with full validity for many purposes.


        The appraisal of a home for mortgage purposes is mandatory when a bank loan is requested for home purchase and sale operations, as established in Law 5/2019, of March 15, regulating real estate credit contracts. The value that is collected in the appraisal is used by the bank when evaluating the amount of the mortgage loan.

        Why do you need an official appraisal?

        In the buying and selling processes so that the buyer and the seller have the best information when making their decisions. And the same thing happens in distributions of inheritances, estates, marital separations, business operations, and many other cases in which we need to be very well informed to make the best decisions.


        To carry out an appraisal, an approved appraiser, who is a duly qualified architect or surveyor, will visit the property and carry out a technical inspection, plan of the house, take the appropriate photographs and check its condition and quality. Then he will review the registry and cadastral documentation to see if the square meters coincide with his measurements and will make the necessary urban checks. All this is processed with our databases and market analysis and ends up completing the appraisal report.

        What timeframes are needed to complete an appraisal?

        Less than 7 days. This is usually the average time to complete the process of preparing a home appraisal, and that goes from the receipt of all the necessary documentation, to the appraiser’s visit, preparation of the report, and its quality review by a supervisor who will certify the same. The last thing is to sign it electronically and send it to the client or the requesting bank by email.


        The payment of the appraisal is usually borne by the applicant (of the appraisal itself or of the loan) except in the cases of some banks that take charge of the amount of the appraisal on certain occasions.


        The formal validity of these appraisals is 6 months from the time they are issued.


        And as for where the official appraisals can be validly used, as they have been carried out by an appraisal company approved by the Bank of Spain and given their mandatory nature for mortgage operations as set out in the law, anyone has the right to present them at any bank or financial institution to apply for a mortgage loan. In cases where the appraisal is requested by the bank itself, it will be the bank that chooses the appraiser.

        What is the simple note and how is it obtained



        The simple registry note is the document that collects different circumstances of the situation of a given property. It informs of its ownership, as well as its charges and encumbrances. It is a concise summary of the information that appears on a certain property.


        Specifically, the following information is reflected:


        • The Property Registry that issues the simple information note, as well as the petition number or the alleged reason for its request.
        • Description of the farm. Information appears here about the square meters of the house, the cadastral reference, its division, the boundaries, etc.
        • Ownership of the farm. The name of all the owners and the percentage they have on said property are displayed.
        • Charges. One of the most important parts of the simple note. It includes mortgages, liens, judicial auctions, encumbrances, etc.

        How to request the simple note?

        It can be requested by going in person to the Land Registry, through the official website of Registrars of Spain and from Valmesa we can also request it with a cost independent of the budget of €15.- (VAT included).

        Once I receive the appraisal report: relevant information for the client

        When you receive your appraisal report, any query, modification, review will be handled free of charge. If a review is required, it should be studied to assess whether a new technician visit is required.