Learn how to increase the value of an efficient home

Ask for your Sustainable Valuation, find out how much its value increases and reduce its energy consumption.

With the Sustainable Valuation report you can find out how much, how and why the value of your home increases because by improving the energy efficiency of your home you will be increasing its value, you will know how to reduce energy costs by transforming the home into a more efficient home and You will guarantee a more sustainable coexistence in your Community, reducing the environmental impact left by the carbon footprint of your property.

What is a sustainable valuation?

The sustainable valuation from Valmesa Consultores calculates how much you can increase the value of your house by transforming it into an efficient dwelling.  

The report is based on energy consumption data, expressed through its energy rating, and provides estimates of the rating improvements resulting from sustainability interventions in the property, making it more livable and sustainable. 


It's all advantages...


Discover its estimated value and its current energy certification.


Find out how much its value will increase and carry out the recommended renovations.


Improve its energy rating and save on energy consumption.

What does the Sustainable Valuation report include?


The estimated increase in the value of your home after the renovations have been completed. 


The estimated calculation of annual energy savings. 


The energy certification of your home. 



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    How do I get my sustainable valuation?

    1. Contact Valmesa Consultores and request your sustainable evaluation 

      You will receive a personalized quote. 


      Once the quote is approved, a qualified technician will visit your home to assess its current energy rating. 

      In a few days, you will receive your sustainable evaluation from Valmesa Consultores, which will include: 


      The energy rating of your home. 

      The sustainability report with recommendations to efficiently transform your home and save on energy consumption. 

      The new estimated value of your home if you make it more efficient. 

    How much will the value of my home increase?

    With the sustainable evaluation from Valmesa Consultores, you will learn the estimated value of your home before implementing all the recommended renovations in the sustainability report. We will also provide you with the estimated value your home will reach once the renovations are completed to make it a more livable and efficient dwelling. 


    At Valmesa Consultores, we estimate the increase in the value of a home after an energy rehabilitation based on several factors: 


    The investment made, the savings achieved with that investment over the lifespan of the improvement, the type of dwelling, the visibility of the adopted measures in terms of aesthetic improvement they can provide, and the local market where the property is located. Therefore, the increase in the value of the home will depend not only on the improvement itself but also on the specific characteristics of the evaluated property and its location. 


    It is not a fixed percentage or an increase associated with the cost of the renovation. To obtain reliable results, we conduct a thorough study of the improvement and the property itself to determine the new value. 


    Who is sustainable valuation for?

    The sustainable valuation allows you to increase the value of your home and reduce energy consumption expenses. 

    If you want to increase the value of your home, sustainable valuation is for you. 

    If you are thinking of selling your house and want to achieve maximum profitability, sustainable valuation is for you. 

    If you are a homeowner and want to save on energy consumption, sustainable valuation is for you. 

    If you have just acquired a home and are planning to renovate it, sustainable valuation is for you. 

    If you are a real estate investor, sustainable valuation is for you. 

    If you want to improve sustainable coexistence in your community, + sustainable valuation is for you. 

    Does the Report help me to apply for a mortgage in a Financial Entity??

    At Valmesa Consultores, we calculate an estimated value of the property based on sustainability criteria to generate our report. However, this value does not have official validity when applying for a mortgage loan. 

    To apply for a mortgage loan at any banking institution, a valuation report is required, which must be prepared by a valuation company approved by the BdE, such as VALMESA Sociedad de Tasación. 

    The criteria used to calculate the valuation value of a property differ from the criteria employed by Valmesa Consultores to estimate the starting value in our report.