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Boat Appraisal

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We value your moments

At Valmesa we value everything that matters most to you through a simple, agile and fast process that will certify the value of the boat you want us to appraise. Our team is accredited to carry out valuations of any model of boat and certify its real value on the market.



We value your peace of mind

At Valmesa we work with you to ensure that you have peace of mind throughout the valuation service. Our team will always be available to answer any questions you may have before, during and after the appraisal process with Valmesa.

We answer your questions about boat appraisals

Can I consider it an official appraisal?
We do completely official appraisals! Our technicians are professionals who are prepared and accredited to give the real and official value to the boat you want us to appraise for you. Our experts will prepare an expert document that will prove what the real value of the boat is. Therefore, yes, the valuation of boats of any type that we carry out in Valmesa is official and serves to accredit the value of the boat.
What do you take into account when valuing a boat?
To make the boat valuation we take into account the price for which it was registered and the date. The price will vary according to the number of owners you have had, if the maintenance has been done properly, if reforms have been applied or if there have been improvements to the boat. Of course, also influence the technical aspects, equipment, condition, length and number of passengers. In addition, it will also depend on current market values.
What is the point of taxing a boat?
The benefits of having a boat appraised are enormous. At Valmesa we do an official valuation that will determine the real and official value of any type of boat, which will serve you:
- Guarantee if you need to grant a credit.
- In the case of a sale, it will serve as an expert's report for advice.
- Payment deferral.
- It will also serve you for procedures before the Public Finance (Hacienda).
How do I receive my boat valuation?
You will receive it in the most practical way: in a PDF file that we will send directly to your email address and that will serve to prove the real and official value of the boat in question.